We need A Translator for anime fansub group if you are intresting email us and your work is not for free.
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 Ie naki Ko

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PostSubject: Ie naki Ko   Ie naki Ko EmptyFri Apr 16, 2010 3:10 am


I'm not posting a file but a request instead. Sorry!

I found this message by Gackt here, with a link to Ie naki Ko soundtracks:

Ie naki Ko Pochette-1

Unfortunately, the links don't work.
So, I went into Gackt's profile and saw a link to a geocities site called "animeostworld". Geocities no longer exists, but Google brought me here, and there are messages in Arabic, from a member called Remi, so I *suppose* Remi = Gackt, or 3shiro = Gackt.

Please, could you reupload the two LPs for Ie Naki Ko? I can't seem to find them anywhere else. I've only found a file with one of the soundtracks here ( but it only has one LP, and it's in 96kbps. I didn't even know there WAS a Ie Naki Ko soundtrack before I found that link. This is one of the best works of Takeo Watanabe so I'd be really glad to have a copy!

Thank you in advance.
PS: I don't have anything to trade in return. When I have something rare, I post it online. Since you posted the files back in 2005, I'm sure you don't mind sharing them again?
PPS: tends to keep files even after several years, unlike Mediafire.
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Ie naki Ko
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